Who is Thatoo?

Hello my friendly readers,

I am rather curious about everything, Others, their cultures and the World. I have always been interested in societal problems such as nature protection, climate change, energy issues (I studied building efficiency and renewable energies), Internet, free software and free money (read the Relative Theory of Money), Commons (Creative commons), peer-to-peer society. These are the kinds of subjects I’m talking about here in this blog.

I am also known by Yogo. Yogo walk the world. I am the initiator and actor of the project “ Ecole, World y Camino ” and “YogoIran“.

Open-minded, I am just as eclectic in my activities. I’m interested in digital, free software, free culture, cinema (European mostly). I read a lot also but I listen little music. I like running, cycling, sailing. I am a traveller, one of those who take the time to live with locals. I am not interested in “sightseeing” (mass tourism). I have had the opportunity to visit several countries in Europe and Asia, as well as Madagascar.

I speak fluently French, English, Spanish and Persian (Farsi).

Kind regards,