Galileo Module, a complement to the Relative Theory of Money

During the last Free Money Meeting 8 (FMM8) which took place in Toulouse last automne, I complete the Galileo Module and published my report that Stéphane Laborde kindly reviewed.

As I didn’t had yet the time to (re)launch/start a new blog, I had then published the whole on the youtube proprietary service. You can watch the video below.

Note: When I’ll have finished to migrate all my blogs, and , my family CHATON, to a yunohost instance hosted by, I will consider the question of self-hosting my videos (peertube might then be available on Yunohost).

Here is my spreadsheet of the Galileo module from which you can take inspiration in order to complete yourself this very instructive module.

Do not hesitate to contact me to ask questions about it. I’d be glad to help you to understand better the Relative Theory of Money (RTM), its implications, and the “equivalence Free Money / Basic Income”.

I am currently working on the second module, the Yoland Bresson Module.

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