Ğ1 Launching!

The first “official” free money”, Ğ1, has been launched last week, the 8th March of 2017.

We were 59 members to start the blockchain and had established 551 certifications linking each other.

Because Ğ1 is a free money, it’s Universal Dividend will regularly, automatically be updated. It has been decide that these updates will occur at each     terrestrial equinox in order to make it easy to remember.

It is already possible to create a wallet account to send and receive Ğ1.

Any human being has the right to ask the community for a signle member account. With that account he’ll be able to take part of the co-creation of Ğ1.
However, for that account to get valid, approved by the community it needs to be certify by 5 members of the web of trust. These 5 members will then be responsible for that new comer.

[Edit] I invite you to read  this page that introduce the Ğ1 licence and explain how to become a member.

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